qÖÖlp - Live at Jazzdor Berlin 2016

SIEG from the album qÖÖlp - Live at Kesselhaus Berlin 02.06.2016
by Théo Ceccaldi, Valentin Ceccaldi, Ronny Graupe, Christian Lillinger

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Solo (extract) from the album Live at Pôle Sud Strasbourg 15.11.2011
by Jean-Jacques Avenel

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Jazzdor Series Strasbourg, France

For more than 30 years, Jazzdor has been developing its project centered on jazz and improvised music.
Jazzdor strives to highlight the singularity of creation, particularly French and European, whether it is rooted in the soil of historical jazz or nourished by new aesthetic trends. Jazzdor does not seek to create a fad, but rather to let the public hear the most creative voices of today's jazz. ... more

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